A teeny achievement and a Moonlit Planning Session

So hubby came in tonight with a big ‘ol grin on his face. He was walking back from the barn and noticed in the bright Moonlight that there was smoke coming out of the chimney at the house, and it was a fire he did NOT make:) So I flew solo and succeeded, even kept the fire going all night without over heating the house!

Later last night, being that the Moonlight was so bright and that we had spent the entire evening discussing Spring farm plans for the old goat yard, we went out there and spent time looking things over. It was so bright out that no flashlight was needed. I think we have come up with an excellent plan for the the old goat yard, which is a wonderful place for a garden after years of goat rich soil if you will. We figured out a plan for chickens and turkeys and the garden all in the goat yard, the chickens will help keep the pests out of the garden. We will have to amp up the fencing for fox prevention and put on doors on the old goat house to put the turkeys in at night, as well as a place to put a chicken coop that doesn’t break the rule of turkeys being exposed to chicken poop which is said to be a quick way to take out your turkeys if you are not careful. I’m thinking our Turkeys might be named Fall, Winter, and Spring and Summer, a feast for each of the season:) The chickens will be both for meat and eggs, while retaining some egg production year ’round as well. We came up with awesome plans and looking through all the scrap materials we have we even came up with an idea for a teeny greenhouse. The goal of the green house for the first year would not so much be for starter plants as it would be an experiment on a small scale to see if we could try to extend the garden season into the fall for things like tomatoes, lettuces etc. Time to look at Chicken coops, and Turkey housing.

There is much to be excited about, and lots of winter time planning for next year!

PS It is going to get very warm this weekend, likely our last warm weather. Going to go out to SG pond to try and catch a fish if we can, maybe a diner on the way out there for breakfast:)

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