A Chicken Commitment

A Chicken Commitment

Today while setting up to bake I got a call from a guy I replied to on Craigslist re: Chicken Feeder etc. Well, Craigslist strikes again! I just saw these items at the new Chicken store I was at the other day. The one waterer alone was $54 dollars and then I would need the other items, lights, feeders, warmer waterer etc. I found all this on Craigslist today, I will be picking them up on Monday after Granola deliveries! All of it is only $65. Possibly, I could have found them individually here and there for a bit less but I was happy to find this and it’s my first commitment to my Spring birds:) Now time to get started on my next book, “Raising Chickens”. The book is surely big enough to get me through many cold days this winter.

It was a great baking day today. There was a steady rain on the farm where I bake. Their commercial kitchen overlooks the whole valley area. Baking went unusually quickly, and the rain even paused while I loaded the car. Once home, I quickly got a fire started (yes my new skill) and made a pot of coffee. Always glad to be home.

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