Thanks Pinterest and Craigslist, you are a great pairing!

Thanks Pinterest and Craigslist, you are a great pairing!

We have been talking about doing something for a greenhouse to use to extend the season a bit. Future use for it, in addition to extending the season, would be for starting plants in the early spring for our summer garden. This year though it would be a great experiment to see if we can grow tomatoes in there and extend the season through some of the early cool fall weather, maybe some other vegetables as well. I found this awesome hodge-podge greenhouse and went to Craigslist and found that someone was giving away three 4×4 windows that would be perfect to begin our journey towards enough windows to make a pieced together greenhouse. When I spoke to the person giving them away she said, “Oh and I will have 5 more soon, would you like those too?” What unbelievable luck, I do love how fate works things out. We will pick them up next week. We even have a friend who lives up there, and so that will bring us together for a meal and a visit I am sure. I asked her if she liked Granola, she replied yes, in a rather confused voice, I told her I had a Granola business and that I would like to bring her some to thank her, she was thrilled with the trade! Gotta love it!

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