Bread – looks like this will be an evolving process…

Bread - looks like this will be an evolving process...

Well, thanks to Jenna Woginrich, I tried my hand at homemade bread. You were really right Jenna it was super easy, but I will want to keep working at this… the bread was delicious with the homemade Beef Mushroom Barley Soup I had made but it was, well, lighter and softer then what I hoped for, I looked this up on the internet in hopes I would figure out how to fix this next time, and all I could find was everyone who was looking for light, fluffy bread, I could not find one person asking to make their bread recipe a bit sturdier or slightly more dense. I would also like to make Whole Wheat bread next time. So… I will keep up the research to figure out how to give my bread a bit more substance. I truly did enjoy making it “from scratch” though! The house smelled delicious, and it did rise beautifully which was my bigger concern when I started making it. Tomorrow I meet my Craigslist seller to pick up my chicken gear!! Yay!

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