Already looking forward to tomorrow morning!

Today was a busy baking day to keep up with Winter Gift Giving Glass Canisters. The Granola looks quite pretty in them, and it’s been great to see them so well received. After a full day of baking I came home to a wonderful package from Amazon. We were talking about getting a new coffee maker, but I decided I was darn sick of hearing our coffee maker constantly warming water 24/7. and it’s been sounding like it’s going to die soon. It’s using electricity all the time, to keep that water hot and yes it seemed like a good idea when I got it, that you don’t have to wait more then 2 seconds for coffee, but I have come around to a different thinking. One of the things I noticed after I started my new business and stopped working on other people’s schedules that they set for me, is that I am not racing through everything I do, constantly thinking about the next thing and not enjoying the thing I am doing. It’s been a marvelous revelation. I was used to getting coffee out of the coffee maker before the kitchen even barely smelled of coffee. I am looking forward tomorrow to hearing it perk, like I did when I was a kid, when my parents made coffee. No more coffee maker noises, just smelling delicious coffee while I let it perk, and wait for that first cup. This does also follow suit in other areas of my life now. I’ve decided that if I don’t have time in this new life I have to learn classical guitar fingerings, play the piano, and read books then it’s just simply no one’s fault but my own. Oh and PS the new coffee pot was $20, instead of $100 to replace our fancy coffee maker, and it can’t break because nothing can go wrong with it, the grinder just seemed like a great idea, because even tastier coffee can’t be a bad thing!

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