Occassionally FB is profound!


I believe I have been boring hubby with gratitude, lol! See, I left my job teaching position, last June,  it was occupying my world, and when I could make a difference I loved it, but the playground politics was a soul sucker. I wanted to do right by my role and that required lots of time, lots of unpaid time, so my free time was often consumed with it. Now I feel like everyday is a gift. I love what I do, baking and delivering granola, I meet great people, The gift of having my time to do things on my agenda instead of a workplace agenda, has been dramatically life changing! I am grateful pretty much every minute, I know it sounds Pollyanna, and gooey sweet but it’s completely true. My new business has brought me to meet wonderful people. People who live by knowing their neighbors, growing or making good food, living close to home and living in the moment. They wouldn’t have it any other way and I am eating up each bit of it, as I evolve from the constantly doing, doing, doing for work, and multitasking and thinking of what other 32 agenda items I was going to get to next. When I worked directly with my clients I loved it, but oh the paper work and politics!

So about the photo in this entry…Everyday I see people’s posts on FB, and everyday there are a few statements, (shared by a few thousand others), that people found noteworthy, and about 5 times in my year and a half of using it I have really valued seeing them! This one was profound, because I can not think of a situation in my life or the world that can’t be changed largely or in some way by gratitude. Really! It won’t fix a problem but it will do better, it will affect  the important thing, vantage point! And vantage point, in my opinion, has a lot to do with how coping works, or it does for me. I heard someone on Public Radio one day calling in to a call in show about… “what is your strategy for coping and going through life?” A man called in and said, “I can’t control what comes at me in life, what I can control is the way I react to these things”. So I said,note to self, this is good advice.

Today I took the gift of time after a very, very busy granola week of picking up ingredients, visiting customers, baking and book keeping. I wrapped some gifts while I enjoyed my amazingly hot coffee. The stove top pot makes the coffee so hot that even with milk it is hotter then the black coffee from the coffee maker, so nice. I wrapped some small stocking stuffers for the kids out west and went to the post office. The rest of the day I relished in studying about ice fishing, drinking yet more coffee and baking my first successful Whole Wheat bread. We had a great dinner of Brined Grilled chicken and roasted cabbage, carrots and onions. It was a a day I was very grateful for, see, what did I say? Gratitude ad  nauseum:)

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