Retro is cheaper and sturdier!

photo copy 3

Spent a little time this morning totally appreciating hot coffee. Then off to pick up 100 pounds of organic rolled oats. I spied a small consignment shop and you can see what I scored. Find number one was a potato ricer that has had a couple of lives already and a great strainer. I forgot to put in the hand held egg beater in the photo, just like the one I “helped” with while cooking with Mom. These were awesome finds, although I did not find the manual coffee grinder I was hoping for, (the Amazon grinder was made to look old but wasn’t and was too small and is going back), HOWEVER, I remembered that my sister-in-law had the old one my mother-in-law used when hubby was a kid, so I put in a message to her. I remember she used to use it, maybe I might have found a way to secure a good sized manual coffee grinder, after all.

photo 3

This is the bread I made yesterday. It was very good and toasted nicely, also sliced well for sandwiches. We both liked it. Tonight was left over brined and grilled chicken from last night on sandwiches with my successful loaf of bread, add in some local organically raised bacon and tomato with lettuce, a perfect Sunday night dinner. Tomorrow is a baking day, better get to bed.

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