A Snowy Day


Well today was surely going to be a baking day, that was until I looked out and saw the first snow! It was snowing pretty hard and only an inch at the time, but the thought of calling a snow day was beyond tempting! It was really beautiful out today!


So instead I put the coffee pot on the stove and started a fire and piled up some good reading, yup chicken coop ideas and “The Compassionate Carnivore” by Catherine Friend, so far of which I half like and half am not sure about. Also, reading a bit about ice fishing gear, and techniques, as I have never done it before. Funny thing is, is that there is a lot I didn’t ever do in the winter. I was always freezing outside, the kind where you shiver and every muscle tenses up, and I was out of there, heading for the house with my eye on the smoke coming out that chimney. Now, I have found something out, (DUH) that if you actually take the time to layer and dress properly you can’t feel the cold weather, apart from maybe the nose and cheeks! So I think I may actually use the cross country skis that used to make me cold just to look at, as well as try my hand at ice fishing this year! Camera hikes as well, will be on the agenda, no more taking snow pictures from the open front door darn it!

photo copy

I also decided today was the day to try a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I had read about, it was a very different process unlike any other CCC recipe that I had ever made. I can not even recall the last time I made CCCs! They were great. It was America’s Test Kitchen Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. Turned out perfect that I made them because the neighbors called and asked if they could come and cut down a Christmas tree, at our place,  and what goes better with that then warm cookies afterwards, right? Tonight hubby is enjoying a football game with friends in the workshop and I am enjoying a quiet snowy night, with more reading in store.

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