A day at home.

IMG_5030 2

It’s been a busy granola week, and so this picture was from a few days ago. It was a snowy day and I had the good fortune of not having to tangle with traffic and slippery roads. I also didn’t want to go out to the store so I wanted to find something at home, and being that I was caught up on business and home on a snowy day, there seemed to be no better idea then cooking! I decided to make a spicy pulled chicken dish in the crock pot. I do look forward to having chickens in our freezer that we have thoughtfully raised. My personal definition of this is, healthy appropriate foods, a proper environment to grow and live and be a chicken, and compassionate treatment. Until that time I purchase chicken that is vegetarian fed, no antibiotics, free range, and traceable to the farm it came from, and I am ok with that, for now. I found three leftover onions from a bag a friend gave me, and enough of this and that to count for bbq sauce. Then I found the forgotten cabbage in the pantry fridge, from our neighbor. I didn’t imagine it was still good, and I felt badly, it was a really nice sized cabbage, but as I peeled back the wilted leaves, I found a perfectly good, but a little bit smaller cabbage, add in the last few carrots, and I had coleslaw which we really like on bbq sandwiches, ahh but no bread. I found a recipe, for buns with poppy seeds, and guess who had poppy seeds in the freezer? I think this had something to do with Lemon Poppy Muffins a while back? While the buns were rising I thought about that new to me potato ricer I got at the antique store, and I had just enough of our neighbors amazing organic potatoes. How lucky to have a neighbor who calls before thanksgiving and says they wanted to share some of their food to put on our thanksgiving table? So I tried my hand at the potato ricer. It didn’t work like a food processor, that is for sure, but out came potatoes and with milk and butter, well nothing else needs to be said! When it all came together we had awesome spicy bbq sandwiches, mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The best part was that I totally enjoyed doing all of it. While things were rising, or simmering, I was able to look on craigslist for ice fishing gear and do a bit of reading. It was a day that was completely appreciated!

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