We are at 18 inches and it is still snowing. Looks like it will continue to for about 3 more hours and then taper to flurries till midnight. This is the biggest storm we have had in quite a long time. Today was supposed to be a baking day but I am not the only one who didn’t go to work around here. All schools are closed, as well as most businesses etc. It’s been a white out for parts of the day. I piled wood yesterday outside the door, so we wouldn’t have to go to the wood pile. during the storm.  After thinking I had a great pile stacked nicely and covered with some old mats, hubby came in and said that that was enough wood for only 1-2 days, so he piled up even more! So much for my thinking I took care of that one.


We had a great brunch this morning, and I got to use my “new to me” egg beater like we had when I was a kid. Ours was red, I remember it well. I forgot to show it in the past picture which showed my second hand shop finds. Funny thing, using it brought back memories, of cooking with Mom. My sister and I each had our own aprons when we cooked with Mom and I thought about that when I was whirring around the beaters to mix the eggs. I don’t quite remember mine but my sister’s was a denim blue with red zigzag trim! We made it brunch because we were not ready till later. He worked on getting the cattle (all three, lol) hay and making sure they were doing well in the storm. I got a fire going, and then got everything done that I might need water for, such as; laundry dishes, etc., we lose power here fairly easily and loss of power means also no water pump. We also need our communication devices (fancy way of saying electronic toys; iphones, computers etc.)  fully charged, so we put all items on chargers. Our land line goes out easily in these situations as well, so having the phone charged is important to us. We have satellite internet out here because we don’t have high speed phone lines, and hubby went out twice today to clean the snow off the dish so we could get our connection back! Oh and that included spraying “PAM” on the dish so the snow wouldn’t stick after that, a trick I learned from my daughter her was in some big storms when living in St. Louis.


My half whole wheat sandwich bread turned out better then ever! It makes great toast, slices easily and keeps well. My plan is to bump up the whole wheat flour and dial down the white flour, but slowly so hubby doesn’t notice:) I am really pleased with this recipe and can’t believe I thought it was a big ordeal before, it is mostly just waiting time, and that’s always a perfect window to check a few things off the list or if lucky have the time to do a bit of reading.


It’s getting dark out, the snow continues, and now the winds are picking up. This will ultimately bring the drifting of snow that they’ve promised for tomorrow. Tonight we will just keep piling on the wood and open a wine gift we were given, one of North Carolina’s finest. The views of the storm and the wine make a perfect snow day evening.

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