FIG strikes again!

I have these moments I call FIG moments. Fate Is Great! You know the times that something great happens because for 12 reasons or another you ended up somewhere you didn’t intend and it worked out great?

I was out on purchasing ingredients one day and on the way I found a store that I thought might be a good venue for my granola. After I left the store, which I hadn’t planned to go to, I noticed a antique store next to it. As I have said I have been looking for an antique coffee grinder. I returned the fake antique coffee grinder to Amazon that was seemingly made of Balsa wood and was made for hands that were the size of an average 5 year old. I’ve been to a few antique stores and never found one, and unlike usual I actually asked if they ever get them in, ordinarily I quietly browse, find some great pyrex and leave when I don’t find the coffee grinder. The woman whispered to me that the St. Vinnie’s two towns away did have one. I was thrilled. Then I went and got my ingredients and went to stop at a small french cafe for a cup of Tomato Basil Soup and when I pulled into the parking spot I thought, oh forget it, I have Chicken Tortilla Soup at home, from stock that I made so I decided I would just head to St. Vinnie’s. I was going to stop at Walgreen’s to pick up the dog’s medication, that’s another story for another time, and then I figured, I could pick it up at the grocery store tomorrow. A whole long list of variables occurred but I finally arrive to St. Vinnie’s and I couldn’t find the grinder. I did find 2 sets of brand new cloth napkins and since I’ve made a vow to not buy paper napkins or paper towels anymore, I have been picking up lots of towels and napkins at St. Vinnie’s to replace these purchases with more durable items that can be reused. So I was happy with my find but when I was paying I said, I sure should have gotten here yesterday, I hear there was an antique coffee grinder but someone must have bought it. AND THEN IT HAPPENED… the woman behind me in line says… “do you mean one of those antique ones with the crank and the drawer down below,” and I nodded, wondering what she would say next. “I have one, would you like to buy it?” Yahoo! Total FIG moment! Fate is great! Really how many turns of events brought me to be standing next to this woman in the check out line? I met her the next day in St. Vinnie’s parking lot after she had emailed me showings on ebay for similar items costing $99, and she asked me for $40 and a bag of granola. DEAL! It’s a wonderful grinder! As you will see below by adjusting the wing nuts you can make an espresso grind all the way to a course grind, and it literally can not break! We made our exchange and then ended up going inside and checking out other goodies together. She said, “keep my number, I’m a bit of a hoarder, so let me know if you need something, lol!” Now I can buy beans in bulk from a local Fair Trade Coffee Roaster in town, no more pound bags of ground coffee from the grocery store.


coffee grinds

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