Cold day to clear brush!

photo copy 2

It might be hard to tell in the photo, but Hubby and two others from Fish and Wildlife are down in our small ravine area, the area we fondly call the old camping area (we later found an even better one, hence “the old”).  I don’t think they imagined when they scheduled this that it would be so ridiculously cold! They are down there clearing out the weed type trees and clearing out unwanted brush, this helps restore it to the old habitat it used to be many years ago. They are taking down some small cherries and apples too, so I asked that they throw those aside as they would be good wood for smoking meat or fish.

It is crazy cold to be working outside all day, so when Hubby came in on a lunch break I had a hearty lunch of soup, 2 sandwiches and hot coffee, waiting for him. Tonight something substantial; locally raised pork chops, home canned applesauce, mashed potatoes (from our organic farmer neighbors), and some organic broccoli (sadly from the store). That should help after being outdoors for 8 hours in these silly temperatures!

Even though the temperatures the last few days have barely gone above zero, it is supposed to get up to 40 degrees this weekend. I am thinking it would be a good time to grab the apple and cherry before it gets buried in the next snow, depends how muddy it is to get there though, because if it’s not freezing it’s sloppy and muddy, because…this is the Midwest:)

With the forecast of warm temperatures I’m thinking I can have a chance to get down my first layer of “kill mulch” for the new garden. BUT to find the mulch, hmmm. I’ve emailed the neighbors, I trust that wherever our wonderful organic farmer neighbors get their mulch is a place I would want to get mine! I also wrote the local brewery to see if they may have by products from brewing that might be suitable for mulch. Another thing that would be good to do in the warmer weather would be collecting kindling for making fires in the house. A certain someone implied there was lots of kindling and that I shouldn’t go and collect any out of the brush piles. Then it snowed 2 feet and then that someone ran out of kindling, which for this newbie makes starting a fire a real trick. I am getting better at using the little hatchet to make kindling but I really need just the right piece of wood to be able to achieve this! So collecting it now that the snow has melted is the way to go if I want to have a decent success rate at fire building!

Today was a day I planned to do a few errands, but then I thought again, and realized that I really could do it all tomorrow, and so it was a pj day here for me, and being that we are down to two slices of bread, I will be make a new loaf in just a little bit. Enjoying some new “channels” on Pandora, watching it snow, and yes taking care of business at the same time, the best way, in pajamas 😉