A Florida visit – sunny and warm!

As I have said before, this has been a busy time with family events. I generally fly once a year out to the coast to see the kids, or some years we camp and don’t fly at all. This year started with a trip to Portland, Oregon to see family, of which we have a lot of in Portland. That was January, then in February my sister and I made the annual pilgrimage to Florida to see Mom and Dad. We spend a few days with them and then allocate a few days for ourselves down on Anna Maria Island. Weather some years has been very cool and some years we sneak in one nice day, after all it is February. This year was unprecedented with each day being perfectly beautiful and my peeling nose is the proof. Why do I always mess up the first day in the sun, feeling like, “oh it’s only for a few minutes, I will put it on tomorrow?” NOT doing that again. My sister and I had great fun, waffling between doing nothing important and having spontaneous planning sessions relating to the two businesses we own between the two of us, I with Granola, and she with her wine business. Sometimes those planning sessions were dotted with too many beach drinks and what they lacked in productivity they packed a punch in the fun department;)

beach view

book beach

I also did some excellent reading on the beach, here is the proof! This book is intoxicating, really, and it all makes such beautiful simple, sense.

home in the storm

When I returned home there were a few struggles and bumps as I ended up diverting, delaying and then finally heading home where we were experiencing a heavy snow storm. Here we were getting ready to turn into the driveway. It was a long day, and I could not have been happier to get back to the farm!

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