On the homefront…

icy driveway

The driveway continues to be nothing but ice…

snowy fields

…but the winter beauty really just continues!

The above picture was taken while we were picking up the last of the kindling and loading it into the front end loader. This was from the tree we took down recently, that I mentioned in a past entry.  As I’ve said, good kindling is my secret to success in fire building, now that I have a wealth of it, I have not failed once in my fire building!


Later that day, I played another round of “what can I not buy at the store”? In today’s round of this game, it brought me to making crackers. I never thought about it, but crackers were just a food you had to go to the store for, and now, they are just another food to make at home. They were super easy, tasted great, and with seasonings or cheese or other things added there is no limit to the varieties that can be made. I wonder where this game will take me next?