Thoughts for sunny warm days!

Yesterday was one of those great days. My neighbor invited me over to help with my garden planning. They are organic farmers and have a greenhouse. They are going to start all our plants for us, and they grow the most beautiful of plants, all sorts of heirlooms and great varieties. Of course they sell their starter plants, so what will we do to exchange these little lovelies that will become our garden? We discussed barter items and we came up with great things…

Their biggest currency is their need for good childcare for sanity date nights or for working on their farm. This is easy for me, kids are my business, with years of teaching experience, and being a mom and a grandma, this is right up my alley! Other things to trade? I offered homemade tortillas, and beef, chicken, and turkey soup stocks, whole wheat bread, and of course granola. These will all be barter tools. She was so helpful with garden planning. We sat in her cozy house in the valley by their warm fire, perusing seed catalogs and reference books while drinking coffee and eating warm apple muffins. It was a memorable morning, and everything I love about where we live.

seed catalog
When I got home, it was time to hit the kitchen table with seed catalogs, and other garden books and focus on warm sunny thoughts, and colorful deliciousness!

dried apples

As I did this I munched on some dried apples my daughter put up last fall. I forgot how chewy and good they were!