“Spring-like”…the good the bad and the ugly!

Although technically it is not yet Spring there are signs of Spring activity, like pouring rain that is melting snow so fast that if we lived in a valley and not on a hillside we would be blowing up our rubber raft to get around.


This is our stream that is usually about two feet wide!

Other signs of spring- like weather would be, our driveway turning into a mud wrestling venue, and muddy, muddy dog feet.

tree trimming

Some of the more enjoyable signs are…trimming the fruit trees, mostly we have apples but one very nice cherry and one pear which fruits some years very well and some just not at all. Additionally, we will have a pond assessment done in order to get our pond re-dug and stocked, hopefully with trout! We are searching now for a good engineer to come out and look things over with us. Hopefully this will be soon!

Next post will be all about my new favorite sign of Spring approaching!