“Get your pants on!”

When I came home from tapping the trees and with wet overalls and sweatpants that were wet up to the knees, all pants were off at the doorway. So, as I stood making a warm drink to thaw myself, in my long john bottoms and sweatshirt, hubby shouts out…”get your pants on”, and I started saying things that made sense like.. what? why? and a few other things, but the mantra continued, and he finally said we have visitors! So I run upstairs and am looking for pants… are these clean sweatpants visitors, or yoga pants visitors or take it up a notch to full blown blue jeans type visitors? As I am searching in my confusion, my bedroom door opens and I am thinking, “…what the heck, this visitor is coming in my bedroom?” and then in walks my daughter who till that moment I thought was out on the west coast. She said, “Happy Birthday!”.  I couldn’t have been more shocked and I stumbled across more useful words like, what? how? when? After lots of hugs and “I can’t believe it’s” I came downstairs WITH pants on to meet her nice friend who secretly picked her up at the airport and transported her to the farm. What an amazing and wonderful surprise! We had a week of fun! It was great to have someone to help me bake and keep me company, and we enjoyed cooking, and cooking. We do love doing that together. When she had a friend over for a beer we made some quick snacks (that’s a relative term), delicious pico de gallo and corn chips. The chips turned out way thinner and better then last time! Love the learning curve!


I felt so grateful for her visit. It was great just having such ordinary time together, and not a visit surrounding a busy holiday or such. It was fun showing her what we have been doing out here! We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch the day way we went on Granola deliveries, as well as a cheese run to our favorite cheese factory. We all had a night at the local bar, for the Tuesday night special and she and her friend and hubby got some target shooting in too during the week! She even suited up and helped hubby pick up hay, and helped him score a round bale too! It’s been tough this winter after last years very dry summer, hay is at a premium now, and people aren’t quick to part with it.

It was great having her home!Having your daughters become old enough to be your friends is amazing, I feel very lucky to have these awesome, and wonderful young women in my life! I am lucky in so many, many ways!

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