A very nice birthday

I was asked what I wanted to do on my birthday. What I really wanted was a day with my hubby, lunch at a diner, and a trip to this great antique/flea market that I have been wanting to check out, and so that is what we did.

1aamy bench

My birthday present from Hubby was awesome. He mad me this bench from old barn wood. I love it, and I love that he made it. He is a man of so many talents, he never stops amazing me.

1aday lunch

We went to lunch at a great place on the way to the flea market. This town has so much history, I love going there.

1flea market finds

My flea market finds. I have been meaning to get a double boiler for a long time, but because it isn’t a frequently needed item, I only think thought about the need on those rare occasions . The tea kettle was older, certainly not an antique but it has a history and was stainless steel. The enamel cookware reminds me of a pot my mom used. She always told me that was the pot she heated my sister and my bottles in, I may ask her if I can have that pot. It too has history. I’ve also wanted a pastry cutter and this one was nice as well as the solidly built potato ricer. I really liked what I found, but I also loved looking at all the great old things in the vintage collection they had.

It was a very nice birthday.