Almost but not quite Spring…

We are crossing over from snow season to mud season and while caught in the middle it is what we call “smuck” a combination of mud puddles, slush and crunchy ice layers with surprising amounts of running water underneath. We are so on the edge of Spring, and with true midwest style, just when it feels like this is it, there are a couple days in the 30’s to remind you it’s not quite over.

3definitely meltingThe melt…

4bblue skies

3fnew boots …which prompted me to go to the farm store and pick up new boots. No more wearing plastic bags over my socks in my boots. These keep my feet completely dry!

6wood load

Although it’s warming up, heating season is not over. Hubby is out of town for a week visiting his parents and helping them out, and so I have been poking around here and there to find wood. With these temps it seems that just a fire at night is good enough and I found that the pieces that were frozen to the ground before were now free and so I loaded up the wheelbarrow with odds and ends.

3gwaiting for grass

Seems the cattle are waiting for some blades of green grass to come up. Any day now…

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