Getting ready for the boil!

As mentioned earlier my neighbor and I tapped Box Elder trees, after we learned they are in the Maple family. We had a brief collection period, then it got cold again and the sap stopped. Now the temps are just right and we have collected 13 plus gallons in a day and a half! The first collection was so small I boiled it inside especially since it was so cold out too!

They have a walk in cooler for their business so they are keeping the sap cold. I will cook it down later this week, when I have a window of time and the weather is good. In the meantime I am working on getting the evaporator outside set up. Hubby gathered the cinder blocks before he left town, but first I wanted to clean out the fire pit that still contained some half burned items in it, that got wet and much of which was still frozen. It was either start a fire in the pit to thaw it out or save the wood for warming the house and waiting for it to thaw. I decided to wait it out.

5fire pit before


4afire pit after

after… much better!

Tomorrow I am out on granola deliveries but the next day I will be building the evaporator. At the end of the week I will be enjoying a day long boil!

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