So far Spring has brought muddy fields and delicious syrup!

Well, with Hubby out of town, I managed to hold the fort down. I heated only with wood, fed the tiny herd, worked on the books, and got in two big baking days, and a couple of delivery days. All this and only one cry for help:(  I was out looking for wood and with the driveway nice and firm at this point I made a silly assumption that the grass drive in the field would be firmed up too. I thought I’d get out to the field where we took down a tree a while back. I knew that a lot of the branches were left in deep snow when we left and that now they would be uncovered. Well the minute I drove in I knew I was in trouble. I tried to get the car out but it wouldn’t budge. I noticed the temperatures were going to be in the twenties overnight so I thought, I’d go out there very, very early and it would drive right out. That did not work at all, so I had to call for rescue darn it. Nice to have a country neighbor that will hop on his tractor and come pull you out no questions asked! So, one more lesson learned. Never trust a field in early Spring to be road worthy!!!


On the more successful side…

the boil

I did get the syrup oven ready outside and here is a picture of it as things were just beginning to heat up. I have a whole new idea for next year thought, which will be much larger!


This is the final outcome of the syrup. It will last us till next year and we may even be able to gift some, as we don’t use a lot of syrup. We tried it out on French Toast the other night and it was amazing! I can’t believe how much more I like it then true Maple syrup!! I already can not wait till next Spring to do this again, next year many more buckets though!!

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