Today I am listening to myself. What I hear is that I need some restoration time, so although I’ve been gone for 5 days caring for family issues, and I should be doing much needed granola work, it’s clear to me that I have little to give right now, and so filling back up is what I need to do. Having put all my granola notes, files and piles aside I have gathered my garden notes instead and will take the time to plan out the garden and think Spring.

I noticed we are out of crackers so I will make some today as well. Turns out I finally found a cracker recipe that works really well. Today I will make them, in three varieties… oregano, dill and parmesan. Baking is enjoyable, and the process of creating something in the kitchen is soothing to me.


This was how they turned out last time I made them. They were perfect soup crackers!! Oh and just to set the record straight, it is also a perfect soup day at 37 degrees, with hail! I will take out some soup stock from the freezer and see what we have to put in it.  There is only one thing you can count on during Spring weather in the Midwest… surprises!

2 comments on “Listening

  1. Mel says:

    I NEED your cracker recipe… I can’t make a good cracker to save my life!

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