Looking back and stepping forward…

If April showers bring May flowers …what does April snow bring? So far snow chives and daffodils that quite literally look like they are ducking their tiny heads back into the ground.


But each is a sign of our kind of Spring and Midwest Spring is amazing. It just is. As I left for my 5 minute “commute” (through the rural countryside) to work this morning, to bake granola, I stopped and caught this early spring scene. Springtime is the best time of year for our small branch of the river that runs through our property, other times of year it looks much more like a little creek.


New Steps and exploration…


So, I bought this book at the University bookstore in 1982 in college. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and read and underlined in it like a well trained senior in college. I never really had a place to put it into practice but I do now. We’ve enjoyed Morel mushrooms found on the farm for many years, and the black cap berries in the woods, even the occasional goose berries and watercress from the Spring but there is so much more, and I am ready to explore! As a very little girl I was fascinated with the wild onions I would find in the ravine behind our house. It was a favorite thing to do in Spring, in fact a ritual and Mom even reminded me of it the other day. I would bring them to her and she would chop them up into scrambled eggs and I was absolutely sure I was a pioneer. I spent many, many hours playing in the ravine, it was always the same game, I “lived off the land” and had a “ma” and a “pa”. Maybe it was too much “Little House on the Prairie” with a dose of “The Waltons” thrown in, or maybe it just really was a dream/fascination. Then came along the book that I never, ever forgot…


This book about a boy who ran off to the wilderness to live off the land, was played out in my head over and over. I wanted to live in a burned out Hemlock tree like he did and I wanted to make a fish hook and catch a fish and cook it over a fire I made. I wanted it all. Could I have done it? Not in a million years but could I dream? All the time! So as I take my steps I am finding out that things are coming full circle. While I will never run away and live off the land I am loving my little version of the story as it continues to evolve here.

A package arrived yesterday…


…and it was packed full with colorful seed packets. I ordered from a company that does only organics. I figured it may have cost a bit more, but when I thought about, all of the fresh, frozen, canned, dried and stored abundance of food it will provide… my decision was easily made! I am really excited for gardening this year, and I am equally excited for the end of the season when I find out all the the things I learned over the summer, really can’t wait to find that part out:) This Spring and Summer will also provide great photo opportunities. The piglets, baby chicks, little herd and a large variety of produce growing will offer great camera learning, which I need!

I’m wanting to spend more time on manual and less time on auto and not just with my camera.

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