Mushrooms and Furniture

In our efforts to be as self sustaining as possible we are always thinking of other ways we can make money here at home on the farm. Some people think from A-Z we think from Mushrooms to Furniture.

working on Shitakes

This was Hubby and friend working on drilling and plugging this logs with Shitake Mushroom Spawn. Hoping to have mushrooms very soon, and if there are too many for us to eat and to dehydrate? Then we will sell some locally. First we feed us, that is the main goal in all of this to to literally feed ourselves.

As for the furniture part? Hubby is extremely talented in half a million ways and he is making a foray into furniture. His pieces are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more! Here is an example of what he can turn 100+ year old barn wood into…



We hope this is the beginning of a successful business!

One comment on “Mushrooms and Furniture

  1. Mel says:

    OH!! Lovely…

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