Finally getting my hands dirty!!

This is finally it, Spring has really arrived, and quite welcome being that it is already May 2nd! Having said this, the northern part of the state today, only 4.5 hours away, received 14 inches of wet Spring snow, complete with power outages and school closings! Hard to believe we live in the same state, with the sunny nice day we have here.

After much planning for the garden I have finally gotten my hands dirty and am happily planting away. It sounds silly but I marvel that each little seed knows what to turn into and that so much food can come from one seed! The garden this year is a mix of the “lasagna garden/kill mulch” and standard planted beds. Next year we will transition completely to the “lasagna garden/kill mulch, but for now the garden is a bit of an improv garden which is just fine for this beginner.

garden row

It felt great to get dirty finally:)

Since Spring came so late, green grass took a long time to arrive and the mini herd got impatient. Hay is at a premium this year due to last year being so dry. We did score a large bale but the seller was pretty clear, “it’s expensive it’s not that good, you can pay me what I bought it for, and it’s…. about all there is around here.” We took it. They mini herd has not rejected it completely but seem to mostly enjoy spreading it out with their horns and turning it into a sweet place to settle in for a nap. We corralled them into the old goat pen/soon to be pig pen and they fully enjoyed themselves on the small plot of fresh spring grass! Lesson to be learned, don’t get caught without hay, ever again! The farmer we rent to will this year be able to provide us with hay, so we will be much better prepraed!

mini herd 2

Their heads went straight down and they never really looked up again.

Speaking of the future pig pen we met our piglets the other night. We went out to the farm they are at and saw what they are doing over there. They are a mix of two Heritage Breeds. The piglets were hysterical in their antics. Here is one of the piglets, not sure if it will be ours or not, but…


…this little piggie was darn cute!

potato buckets

There are still many things not planted because the starter plants are still getting to the right size and there still is that risk of the rare frost so I will wait to do more planting till after I return from a week out of town. I am experimenting with planting potatoes in buckets, which I have heard works very well. Heck, if it works in Mother Earth News, it’s got to be true, right?


At the end of the planting day we had a celebratory first campfire of the season! It was a fun evening together, Hubby and me.

Tomorrow I will be leaving to head to the other side of the country to meet a beautiful sweet new baby granddaughter! There are so many reasons to feel very fortunate, and I try on a daily basis to remember this, and give note. In the past month my father had surgery, my mother-in-law had surgery and my daughter had a baby, and everyone is doing very well. There is great reason to take pause for such good fortune.

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