The garden is growing


It’s been wonderful fun watching each little plant pop it’s head out of the soil. Most everything is doing well, even the potatoes are growing in their buckets nicely. Despite some heavy rainstorms the plants all hung in there. After I saw how the grassy fields got flattened from the winds and the rain I had been afraid to look, and it was a pleasant surprise to see how these vulnerable looking plants are actually quite resilient and tough!


To the experienced gardner this site may not mean a lot but to me, it was the first taste of what will be a long season full of bounty from this garden, and yea, I relished in it!

My neighbors are ready to share a large amount of their asparagus and rhubarb with me (as a trade for lovely baking time spent with their young daughter at our house – while Mama got something done), and they also have a good recipe for pickled Asparagus. That’s got to be good! The rhubarb will be eaten now and also frozen for the upcoming Strawberry season, since my favorite jam is Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam. The rest will be frozen to provide a nice midwinter surprise of Rhubarb Crisp out of season!

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