Chicken Little gets Chickens little or… these are my peeps

Most people who know me well know that birds aren’t my thing. I have no problem with them in trees, or in the air as they should be, however, a bird flying in the house or handling birds was NOT in my repertoire! Hubby was floored when I said I wanted to get Chickens. There was definitely some laughter involved here on his part, but I am determined to feed us, so Chickens for eggs and for meat became my agenda. So having finished the pig book I was on to “Raising Chickens” which I spent a great deal of time studying over the winter. (Not sure when I will ever read fiction again, and I really don’t miss it!) Now I was cramming for the test… their arrival.


We brought home this small box from the Hatchery. They went peep, peep, peep all the way home!

I ordered 12 birds. I am hoping for many males out of this straight run (unsexed birds). There are 4 Australorps, 4 Buff Orpingtons, and 4 Silver Wyandottes. I picked them as I said in an earlier entry for their cold hardiness, their more gentle nature, the fact that they will become broody and care for young, and because lastly they will forage and look for food, which some birds actually don’t do much of at all anymore. These are also slower growing birds, which is more natural.


…and here they are in their little make shift brooder in the garage. They have already grown a bit bigger and are now in an old watering tank. They are sweet little balls of fluff. They are also pooping machines! Because I got them late in the year they will be able to go outside sooner then they would have otherwise, thankfully, they will then poop outdoors or in a much more easily swept out coop. The lid to the waterer they are in now is awkward and too heavy, I will rummage for some screening material that will be more light weight for ease of use. They are funny little creatures. I was told they are the closest living animal to the dinosaur!!

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