Long johns and shorts laundry season…

This has been the longest of what we call “long johns and shorts laundry season” ever. One day you are layered with long johns (it got down to 42 the other night) and then the next day it’s shorts weather and so the laundry straddles two seasons. Not unlike the period of time for Maple Syrup-ing which is measured more by temperature then laundry, with above freezing during the day and below freezing during the night. Today was a warm day, and the next two days promise to be very warm, followed by (surprise) some days in the 60’s and nights in the 40’s.

It has turned out to be a good morel mushroom year after a bit of a not so strong start. We have eaten some and cooked the rougher looking ones to freeze, while keeping some of the in between ones for drying. Last night we had mashed potatoes with Morel Gravy, and well, it was beyond good. It was well paired with pork chops with Rhubarb Chutney (filled with onions, raisins, brown sugar apple cider vinegar and spices) that I made yesterday with some loads of fresh rhubarb from next door. All part of my childcare for produce barter program:) Currently, I have a large credit with them, and so more rhubarb and another big load of Asparagus are coming my way! The credit will also cover the lion’s share of my bulk produce for the cold cellar in the early fall.


dried morels

Here are some of the dried morel mushrooms that will be great this winter when hydrated in white wine or even water and then added to dishes.

In other news we staked the grape vines, which are relatively new still, and hubby got the new electrical fencing up for the piglets, so we have achieved rotational grazing! I really can’t call them piglets much longer, soon they will be qualified as “growers”, not piglets. Hubby got a new pasture for the mini herd. They have been a bit grumpy about their pastures. First cutting of grass that can be baled is coming as soon as the rain stops (like in a week they say) then we can satisfy them a bit more while their pastures grow a bit. The chicks are growing like crazy too, already flapping their little wings albeit uselessly but it’s cute anyway. I found them a little mini perch to practice perching on, it likely was intended to be a CD rack, but for a dollar at St. Vinnie’s it’s perfect chick practice perch!


Last bit of news is the Garlic is growing well, and so soon we will have our annual discussion, how much to keep and how much to replant. It’s such good garlic I don’t like parting with any to replant but without it would be a sad garlic-less next year!


While we worked on the grapes, our faithful guard dog (anyone who knows her is laughing now), watched over the farm. It’s a favorite thing of hers, we call it her “Princess of the Farm” pose.

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