I’ve officially recovered from the sad canning incident of ’86


I canned with my friend in ’86 and I don’t know what we did but after we painstakingly prepared are foods and jarred them, the bottoms of the glass jars fell out during the canning process, our fault I’m sure but it scarred me. I kept envisioning the tomatoes and glass boiling in the large canner when we opened it up. So sad! I never felt brave enough to can again, yea I scare easily, and yea, I had done it before but I still was afraid. Well, the same friend came over and we pickled asparagus and they worked. Then I was on a roll, and I canned pickled rhubarb and rhubarb chutney. All worked and I am officially over the canning curse or PTSD, whichever you want to call it! I remembered that canning is fun! Can’t wait to do more and more! They are beautiful on the shelf!

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