An awkward loaf…

I have been making the same bread recipe for months now, several times a week. So I got used to the bread looking much like this…


although admittedly this was the prettiest loaf I’ve made. The other day though, I made the bread as usual, and when I came back all those hours later (18 hours for this recipe) I knew it was not right at all! I still can’t figure out what happened but it was a small brick of a loaf. Since the neighbors were over the other night for a campfire and their little girl helps me bake all the time, I asked her to come inside with me to take the bread out of the oven. When I looked at it, I said to her…”you know what my bread usually looks like, right?” She replied, “yes it’s verrrry pretty!” I told her to look in the pot and tell me what she thought of this loaf, and she studied it carefully she said… “awkward?” After I stopped rolling with laughter, I decided that it would have to become croutons and I would be making another loaf. You can always count on a four year old to call it like it is!

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