Thinking ahead

Although it is only the first week of June, I am learning to think ahead. According to my books, (and all I do is read reference books these days, and I am not complaining, I love it) July is the time to start thinking about planting cool weather plants that will be ready in early Fall and even linger into November with a cold frame over it. So if July is the time to start doing that then June is the time to start thinking about it. Since gardening is at this point is a constant learning process for me, I am trying to make myself familiar with the proper season for each vegetable so that I don’t miss out on preserving them. Green beans are around the corner and  just are not going well here, seems my little chipmunk pals have their cheeks stuffed with tender green bean shoots, so I will be going to an organic u-pick farm for these. So far my freezer has, from this season, bags of morel mushrooms, rhubarb and asparagus. The vacuum sealer will make these vegetables still taste freshly frozen till next season’s fruits and vegetables are available.


It will soon be time to look into a chest freezer, for upcoming meat processing, in addition to the loads of fruits and vegetables! This idea that came to life last November is really incrementally falling into place, and next year we will be even closer to achieving the goal of providing for ourselves. This newbie is loving every step and looking forward to learning more every day.

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