Animal updates

The chickens are growing like crazy and beginning to complain about their space. There have been some struggles getting their coop set up, but we acquired this coop for $50 and it came with an attached fenced yard, so it was a good beginning. This is the original coop, but then Hubby took it apart and insulated it, put in windows and much more. He’s poured cement footings for it, and it’s almost ready to go! Here it is as is, when we got it…

first stage coop

And here is the almost ready coop shown below. They will be in their new home very soon!

coop redo

The pigs are also growing fast, and eating voraciously, but mostly right now they are hiding in their shed trying to get away from the baking sun and hot temperatures. They are relishing in all the garden scraps. It is nice to know that all pieces of food grown here will get used. If it isn’t for us to eat, then it is for them. Everyone gets fed and then anything else goes into the compost for better garden soil next year! Each bit of food has a purpose.


This is definitely wallowing weather! The forecast is threatening 100 degree heat indexes, which somehow makes the long cold winter we had seem light years away.

In other animal news, the cattle are getting ready for big happenings, as the weekend of the July 4th young Joey Meatball will get banded and very soon the girls will be bred. There is lots of learning going on here to understand the cycle, the signs and the implications of each. I love the learning and watching their behavior is so helpful to understanding how they respond to situations and people. Spring on the farm is a busy time!


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