blanch, freeze, and repeat!

I am happy to say that I have too much Kale, Collards and Chard to eat, which is totally what I hoped for when I planted. In addition to eating these yummy veggies, I am blanching and freezing them in portions for two. When Fall and Winter come, I will be happily turning to the freezer instead of the organic produce aisle at the store to buy some very expensive, well traveled produce, from California, Mexico or even farther! I am hoping to fill the freezer with all kinds of green vegetables, homegrown greens will be a real treat come January! At this point I am moving my attention from Asparagus, and Rhubarb to green beans, although the season has only just started they are plentiful. I have beans here and we will eat and enjoy those fresh, but I don’t have enough for processing and since we love Spicy Dilly Beans and I want to have enough frozen till next year’s beans begin to produce, I got started early.


The call came! I’ve been waiting for word on Strawberries, and I got it the other day. My wonderful organic farmer neighbors next door, have connections to all kinds of seasonal goodies and now I have enough strawberry jam, rhubarb-strawberry jam, and frozen strawberries for the year. The pigs are loving all my produce scraps and pretty much inhaled the strawberry tops and green bean ends!

This year’s garden has taught me so much about planning, planting, and maintaining, a garden. It’s also brought a greater understanding of seasonal rotation and how to get the most out of the garden. Mostly I’ve learned a ton of things that start out like this…”next year I will…”


Our very young “vineyard” as we laughingly call it, is coming along nicely. Hubby is ready to increase the grapes in a large way next year. He already talked to a winery in town and they are always interested in local grapes.

It’s important to me that in the midst of getting this done and that done that I am aware of the present and not just planning for the next to do item. I thought this was a worthy stop on my way to the next thing..

garlic lattice

The Garlic has provided us with a green lattice, which looks so pretty in the garden!

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