Goodbye to the Brooder

We are preparing for a different kind of week. Hubby is off to the west coast to visit with family for a week, and I will be taking care of things here. After what turned out to be a long granola baking day today, I will put in one more day tomorrow. This way I will have my baking done for the week and will have time to do things on the farm for the majority of the week. The gardens need weeding, there are veggies to blanch and freeze, the cherry tree is about to pop with red cherries, the black cap berries look like by the end of the week they will begin turning purple and the animals need feeding and cleaning up after. I’m looking forward to it all, as well as some down time to do some reading.  I’m hoping I even throw a line in fishing at a very near by trout stream.

We had a very big day here yesterday. The chickens have left the brooder and are now finally in their coop and yard. They were very confused by the transition and mostly cowered in the corner of the coop. We finally gently pushed them out into the yard and they curiously began exploring. So nice to see them pecking around in green grass, and out of the watering tank/brooder in the garage!


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