Getting scrappy in the kitchen…

So I am trying to fine tune a system of how to best handle kitchen scraps and waste. In the past vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, embarrassingly all went in the trash. Hubby had a remote site for dumping some compostable waste such as bad hay etc., however, I never really made friends with a system for compost. If I had a whole lot of a certain thing such as, the peelings from 25 pounds of potatoes at Thanksgiving, he would take it out for me. Now that I am looking at everything from a different set of eyes garbage has become a science. Ends of vegetables and peelings all go in a bag in the freezer. They eventually will make a vegetable broth. Then the spent ends and pieces that made the broth become pig food once cooled. Egg shells would be something that would go in compost although the pigs eat them and if washed, dried and crushed they are good for the chickens, it provides them more calcium. I do want to look into what our local grocery store is wasting as well. An example would be, where is that organic milk going when it expires? Is it thrown away? The pigs would be happy to slurp it up with great speed. There is always vegetable waste at a grocery store too, and quality bakeries that have bread waste would be a good place to start looking too. I never thought much about garbage, and now I find myself thinking about it on many levels.

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