A solo week

Tomorrow hubby comes home. AND the cows are alive and well, the pigs are littie bit fatter, and the chickens have learned to understand their new home. Their yards are all clean, the pigs and chickens have been helping with garden scraps, the compost pile has grown in variety and quantity and the yards are mowed, basically all went well!! It’s been fun really. I enjoyed the rhythm of it all…

It goes something like this…Start the water for the coffee, go out and first stop is putting the chickens food and water in their attached yard, and then opening the chicken coop door, and watching them march out mostly all at once through the small door, which for the record, does not work, but it’s still fun to watch! Then I greet the cows and open their gate, make the pigs food and feed them, and while they are eating I dump their water buckets in their wallow and rinse and fill them with fresh water, finally I top off the cattle’s water tank and then head in to find the water just at a boil and I put in the coffee and it’s ready in 6 minutes of perking, almost like instant;)

I thoroughly have enjoyed these daily routines with the animals. The waking up and beginning of the day is really a different interaction then the quiet night time closing up of things, and both feel like a pretty nice way to begin and finish a day.

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