A garden explosion…

My garden amazes me. So much food! The picture below is from one trip to the garden. The yucky styrofoam box is not pretty but useful and since it housed a gift someone sent us, it may as well get re-purposed, but it admittedly doesn’t do wonders for the photo.

garden food

The cabbage goes under the live it learn it category. The cabbages, all 8 of them are ready. This would be fantastic if it were cold out and I was filling the root cellar, however that is not the case, it is hot as can be, so I have shared some, and made several different versions of coleslaw. Tomorrow I’m going to try some new recipes. Hubby and I are not huge sauerkraut fans so I will try some relish recipes that will use some of the cabbage up. I am grateful for this garden and feel lucky! Many people lost their gardens to flooding this year.


My potatoes in buckets experiment seems to have worked just fine. I kicked over the bucket and this is what I found. Looks like a summer potato salad is in order! These little red potatoes are so pretty! I only tipped 2 out of the 8 buckets, so there are quite a few more.


In other areas on the farm there are raspberries starting, and cherries like crazy! I have made canned cherries, cherry jam, frozen cherries, and cherry syrup. All are delicious. I have been having cherries and homemade ice cream on these hot summer nights, but instead of having a few cherries on my ice cream, I actually have a little ice cream on top of my cherries:)


A premeditated cherry picking trip, that became an accidental mulberry gather, followed by signs of the beginning of blackcap season. It is all so delicious!

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