Challenging times for the chickens…

The weather seems to dictate all these days… this is something one might expect in farming but it also affects my business. Where I work is not yet climate controlled and humidity does no favors to granola! I watch the humidity forecast more then the temperature or precipitation forecast. Today we are down to a lovely 58% so it’s a great day to bake. Granola is in the oven, the dishes are done and it’s time for a lunch/blog break!

So far with the fan (for the bugs) and the constant cool water changes and cold slices of watermelon for hydration, the chickens seem to be doing ok. The bugs are starting to settle a bit which is also good. I have been offering the chicks water of course but additionally they have a waterer filled with “sav-a-chick” which is basically “chicken gatorade” and this helps with providing electrolytes during this time that is pretty stressful on their bodies.

chicks and watermelon

I have had comments that I am spoiling them with watermelon, fresh greens and cherry tomatoes to play keep away with… I would not say it is spoiling, I would just say “life is good” as a chicken here.

The pigs are handling things fairly well, they are clocking lots of wallow time and generally keeping themselves well coated with cool wet mud. Its a pig thing. They are really gaining weight and this has created some other changes, as they have become quite strong and perhaps a little stir crazy from the heat. I found their feeding trough in the wallow the other day.  Water buckets have become the pig version of kick the can, and I find them out in the yard or in the wallow, which of course leaves them with no water! We are trying to tether them better, but I really think that is just a short term fix, I am pretty sure I will need to get them a real waterer, but hubby is not on board yet and that’s fine, The pigs will let us know when it needs to be done. We will need it later anyhow since we plan on more pigs next year.

The garden has gotten to that moment… The moment when you start seeing cherry tomatoes showing up ripe 3-4 at a time the first day and 10-15 the second day and then look out! I have 15 tomato plants:)  Some were selected for drying, and some were selected for pizza/spaghetti sauce, some for canned tomatoes, and of course plenty for eating. I can imagine even with all I will can, I will have plenty to share with friends, especially one friend who has lost most of their garden to the early summer flooding we had.

My garden notes for next year are copious at this point! Ideas for new varieties, things I should have planted but didn’t, things I should have planted at different times than I did, things I should have planted more of, and finally things I should have planted in different places, for example so that when the early crops were done I would have a whole new space for planting later summer/early fall crops. Instead I have a small empty bed here and there but not all together. Not the end of the world but it makes for easier routines having things together. Having said all that, I am proud and pleased with the garden this year, and find it very fulfilling.

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