…and now there will be fish!!!

We are scheduled for pond renovation within the week!!

01pond project begin

When we started this vision at the end of last November, it all looked great on paper! It was hard to imagine it would all really happen, but here we are now with our menagerie of heritage breed animals, and a beautiful garden and so soon we will be providing the bulk of our own food ourselves. The garden already is providing enough food to eat and plenty to put by for the less plentiful months. ln addition to all of this we have our small but productive orchard, wild apple trees, wild berries, and hubby planted grapes and inoculated logs for shitake mushrooms. Eventually we will have our own beef, pork, eggs and chicken and when the pond work is complete we will be providing our own fish to eat. So hard to believe the lifestyle changes we have gone through in the last almost 10 months.

I have new things to add to my running list of “what not to buy at the store anymore”. I have added, tomato sauce, salsa (both red and green), ketchup, bbq sauce, pickles, and mustard. The list continues to grow, and it feels great! This week I will be pickling spicy dill green beans, and will be freezing more kale, collards, chard, beans and some local corn, as well. I will try canning some corn relishes this week too, seems there are not enough hours in the day between my granola business, keeping the house running and food production but I will never complain, it all brings joy and balance to my life.

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