Been on the road….


This past week I drove cross country with my daughter who is moving back to our area. We drove through Yellowstone, The Tetons, The Bighorns, The Black Hills and The Badlands. Sprinkled in was a visit to the Idaho Potato Museum, 1800’s Town, an overnight stay at a cabin just outside the Tetons and some stories that will definitely be remembered. By the end of the trip though, we were both more than ready to get off the road!

Before I left for the trip there was so much to get done. The garden was hitting it’s big crescendo and it was a bit of an undertaking to get it all done, while at the same time I was working to get enough Granola made and delivered to to keep everyone stocked till my return.

large process share

My kitchen most days looked like this, it was an amazing amount of beautiful food, but volumes to process before a vacation. I was basically unstoppable, I couldn’t waste one beautiful veggie.

In addition to all the garden produce, I had purchased a 25 pound case of local peaches from up north in the state and I had looked forward to them all summer so they also had to get done. I had hoped to make peach butter and peach jam, but the clock was ticking and so I peeled and froze them all knowing that I could make those things later from the frozen peaches. As I peeled all the peaches I couldn’t bear to toss the peels or give them to the pigs, they were too good, so when I couldn’t eat anymore of them without bursting, I put them in a pot with just a bit of water and simmered them hoping I would find a recipe in which to use them. After a 911 text message to my daughter she suggested Peach Honey! So delicious!! Below is the photo of the simmering peach peels…

peach skins

peach honey

The final product was this delicious Peach Honey!

Other things that were happening at the same time included local corn, that I blanched and froze, and our grapes that were hanging in large clusters and calling out to me. Hubby plans to increase the mini vineyard next year and possibly sell to a local winery, but I wanted to do something special with them this year. We ate some and the rest I turned into a simple but delicious grape juice.

grape juice

Finally, the corn was frozen, the relish was made,  the juice was made, the tomato sauce canned, the peppers were pickled, and it was time to head out on vacation. It was down to the wire but I enjoyed all of the productivity and was thrilled with the rewards we will enjoy all year!

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