The best and the worst…

The best….

We had a wonderful few days of family time. My west coast daughter’s family, my parents and sister from a state away and my newly transplanted daughter who lives here now, all came to visit. It was great having everyone together and seeing my parents have such fun with the grandchildren. How lucky to have such a great family. We ate well, laughed a lot, talked and talked and enjoyed each others company. I couldn’t ask for a better family or a better visit.

The worst….

Our community lost a good man this week. As I mentioned we had our pond re-dug very recently. The guy was great, and really listened to what we wanted. Unlike some rural contractors who know their work so well, and do a combination of what you want and what they think is best, this guy made our goals his goals, as hubby well stated. He even came by a bit over a week ago to take another look and make sure the pond was filling and that we were happy with it, and then an awful thing happened. This 37 year old, this husband and father of 2 young children, and volunteer fire department worker, went in for an outpatient procedure and never woke up. The community is reeling from this, and it’s still hard to believe it happened. One of the blessings of a small community is the safety net of support that is offered in bad times. Everyone has reached out to this young widow and her family. We went to the visitation yesterday and there he was, open casket, looking as he did a week and half prior at our house. It really is a startling reality to process. This never should have happened and it is so hard to get the brain to accept that it has. These are the times where we are reminded, once again, to experience gratefulness daily, to notice beauty everywhere, and to remind us that this life given to us will be what we choose.  …living without mindfulness of love, life, beauty and gratefulness daily, in my mind, can leave life with hollow and empty spaces unnecessarily, and this is not something I’ve just recognized because of this tragedy, this past year has brought a new mindfulness to my world, and it makes my world richer everyday.

During this past week with this whole event on my mind, I found comfort in daily chores…feeding the animals, cleaning the coop, cleaning up the gardens, planting radishes, lettuces and spinach for cold frames, baking bread and cooking garden foods. These routines fed my soul.

Hats off to a very good man, and a very brave widow.

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