Applesauce and Salsa and time for a deep freezer…

A week ago I started processing apples. There are more this year than we have ever had!  We’ve been feeding lots of windfall apples to the pigs and also been picking for ourselves. Hubby is going to try his hand at cider, providing he has time, it’s been a bit busy with lots of guests and things going on here. The applesauce turned out great! This machine is called a squeezo, I have seen newer versions in plastic but this old workhorse has been cranking out applesauce, and tomato sauce for about 30 years. It sends the seeds and skins one direction and the sauce another. It creaks, and it squeaks but it gets the job done. This year I also did bbq sauce with it sending the diced onions and peppers right through with the tomatoes. It turned out to be delicious!

IMG_7689 - Version 2

The tomatoes at this point are in phases of end of summer.

green tomatoesIMG_7705IMG_7703 - Version 2

Some, but not many, are still green, some are with sweet cherry tomatoes, although not warm from the sun anymore and some of the plants are just about done. In general tomato season is coming to a close.

My neighbor on the other hand staggered his plantings better or planted later, but he offered me, on our babysitting in exchange for vegetables program, a nice box of San Marzanos, and they were beautiful!

tomatoes1     diced tomato

San Marzanos are also great for Salsa, which is good for us! These chopped tomatoes are ready for a big batch of yummy salsa. I have made a couple of batches of already this year so we should have enough for the full year after this batch.

Canning season is winding down. I will still can more applesauce and hopefully get to drying apples, and I will also freeze pureed pumpkin but thoughts now are moving towards storage foods for winter such as potatoes, onions, squashes, apples, and carrots. I’m bartering with my neighbor for a winters share of potatoes, carrots, and onions. Way back last winter I convinced the market to give me their bread racks that were stacked outside in the cold. They are the stacked square trays that the bread folks wheel to the bread aisle to fill the shelves with bread. These will be used in the root cellar for storing vegetables. I am hoping next year to provide more of this for ourselves, but this year I am grateful for our wonderful and neighborly exchange program. Other thoughts are of wood/kindling gathering and researching and purchasing a deep freezer for our upcoming harvest of our two Large Black Pigs, a heritage variety that will provide wonderful pastured pork to fill this freezer.. These two items are getting bumped to the top of the list over the next few weeks!

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