Foggy Fall Weather…


It’s been super foggy, misty and rainy, and very midwest Fall. I am collecting my pumpkins and roasting them in the oven to freeze. I now have many bags of measured cups of pumpkin. Do I make a lot of pumpkin bread during the year and not just in Fall? Well, no I haven’t in the past but I also haven’t in the past committed to working within the season OR working with what I have put by. I do not want to buy out of season this year, by using foods that have traveled half the country or more. If I put it by myself I will eat it out of season, if I didn’t then I will eat what I have! That is my goal, and so far it’s going pretty darn well. This winter we will have our own pork, chicken, eggs, broccoli, asparagus, yellow beans, green beans, asparagus, corn, collards, chard, kale, pesto, cherries, strawberries rhubarb, peaches, tomato sauce, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, pickles of all kinds, relishes, jams, syrups and more! After my re-viewing of Food Inc. I feel warmly reaffirmed in what we are doing. Financially it has been a bit of a hardship year with hubby building the infrastructure of our little homestead, such as fencing pasture after pasture for the cattle, chicken runs, pig yards and baling hay for the animals. He’s been working hard, and the gain is tangible and an investment in our future homestead but it has not filled our wallets. My venturing into my granola business a year and a half ago has hasn’t filled our wallets either, but its holding it’s own and showing great promise. It’s all worth it though, I’m proud of what we re doing and it feels good to be living this way.

cattle chilling

Here the cattle are enjoying the mist, and the quiet.

chicken of the woods mushroom

You’ve heard people say, “it tastes like chicken”. Well in this case it LOOKS like chicken, doesn’t it? It’s a Chicken of the Woods Mushroom. It was about a 10 pound mushroom growing on a tree. I dehydrated much of it for stews and soups and cooked up the rest with a bunch of onions. It was very tasty!


The Shiitakes are coming in nicely now. Check below for what happened to these beautiful little finds!


Here is where those mushrooms went….a little local bacon, some peppers, shiitakes, and chard from the farm and tomatoes from our organic farmer neighbors. All that over pasta, do I have to say YUM, or is that pretty obvious?!coleslaw

I still had a bit of purple cabbage and green cabbage left. Next year I will time my cabbage so it is all ready in the cool of the Fall and I can store it, but this year I planted it too early.  So time to just use it up. I combined this with our few carrots, and some frozen corn. Then threw in some pickled asparagus to make a really delicious coleslaw.

a bucket full

This and that from the garden today….

almost salsa

Aren’t vegetables pretty? Here is my last batch of salsa. I got one last (child care for vegetable) bartered batch of tomatoes from our neighbor. These San Marzanos are awesome for salsa!

salsa jars

Finally shut the kitchen down tonight, with the salsa done cooking, the pumpkin in the freezer, and the crock pot cooking up dinner for tomorrow night, (local pork and my own bbq sauce from this years tomatoes), it is time to call it a day. Tomorrow is a big granola baking day, 4 batches! I will make some coleslaw and buns in the morning before going off to bake, and then come home to a delicious pulled pork dinner:) After a big baking day tomorrow the next day will be all about planning the logistics for chicken processing this weekend. It will feel good to have that done, and know that the next year when we do it, we will no longer be newbies at it!

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