This week… snow, pasta and pig news

chicken surprise

Not sure if the Chickens were surprised when they came down the plank from their coop this morning but I sure was! The first time it always feels like, “but it’s too soon”! Anyhow while hubby does the dirty work of figuring how to design our chicken waterer into a heated chicken waterer, I came to the rescue with some warm oatmeal with vanilla yogurt for the girls. It was awfully cold and I kicked into Mama mode. Despite the cold we are regularly getting about 2-3 eggs a day and this has been going on for only a week, so we may even get more as time goes on.


Despite the snow these little beauties keep laughing at the cold! Fresh salad in late November will be amazing!


The trick is not spilling, the treat is hot coffee while going out to do morning feedings.

which one?

I decided to try making pasta by hand. It can’t be that hard, right? I needed 2 whole eggs and 4 egg yolks and since our girls are just getting in the swing of this laying thing, we are still buying eggs. One of these eggs is from our girls, can you tell which one? I love this picture! It tells all.

Here is how the pasta went…

rolled noodles

then this….

cut noodles

and lastly this…

noodles freezer ready

I will now be able to take pasta off my grocery list. I love my shorter and shorter shopping list. This bag is going in the freezer. I never thought about having pasta in the freezer, but I sure will have reserves now. It really was easy to make!Oh and PS it was great! I didn’t even sauce mine, just butter and a little salt, It was simple and decadent all at the same time.

Tomorrow is pig loading day. I feel like I have been in a Hog immersion program for the last few weeks. I have been studying pig cut away diagrams, compared prices of each type of cut to 5 other pastured pork farms, compared our numbers as to what we have put into the animals, lined up Hog pick up and picked a slaughter facility. Figuring out what cuts to have made was completely more complicated than I thought, and I spent quite a bit of time talking to the slaughter facility about what we wanted. (Which was basically a little of everything so that next year we will know exactly what we want.) It is a lot of learning for this new farmer!

Now the next hurdle is the pick up. The set up is not perfect to get them loaded in the trailer but I am hoping that we have thought it out well enough that we will have a set up that will get the job done. Hopefully without too much stress on the Hogs.

I’ve been asked a fair amount, “how will you feel when you take them in for slaughter” being that this is a real first for me. I think I know exactly how I feel about it, but I will write about it on the other side.

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