Cool mornings…


Good Morning farm. Although this little guy is enjoying hanging with his Mama in this picture, he tends to often break his own trail. We asked our grandson what would be a good name for him and he logically said, “Runaway”. So this is little Runaway getting a bit of milk before beginning his curious wanderings for the day.

late fall

It’s definitely late fall. Cold, crisp and beautiful.

oatmeal breakfast

In fact it’s been so chilly I treated the chickens to warm oatmeal with yogurt to warm them up. It literally was devoured in seconds!! It’s funny about the chickens… since the roosters are no longer, the usually elusive and stand off-ish hens have changed. They greet me at the door, and squat down in front of me waiting to be stroked. They have no problem being picked up at this point either. Now that would have been nice when we did our harvesting of the chickens, the hardest part was catching them back then!

Now that the pigs are gone, there is less “choring” to do outside. I do still have my experimental cold frames going, although recent heavy rains really got the hay bale walls around the plantings pretty wet. It may be that once those wet bales freeze that they it may get too cold for my tender lettuces deep down in the hay bale frames. The experiment has led me to many good ideas for next year though… like low tunnels or even better a high tunnel (in my dreams)!

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