A Neighborly Invite

rhubarb strawberry

I’ve written endlessly about my food preservation for this winter. Now it’s time to start sharing about all the goodness the pantry and the freezer have to offer us this winter. These strawberries and rhubarb were pulled out of the freezer in response to a nice invite to dinner from our wonderful neighbor. The smell of these yummy fruits was like closing your eyes and smelling early summer! I made a rhubarb strawberry crisp to bring over that night.

summer dessert

What an absolute treat to eat a summer dessert – so out of season but in a good way because I didn’t buy it from a store that shipped it from far away! These are local strawberries and my neighbor’s rhubarb from last summer that I received by barter. He had a fire going in the wood stove when we came in, and the table was beautifully set… It looked like the cover of “Farmhouse Beautiful” if there is such a thing. He had slices of locally made sausage from pastured pork, three different local cheeses, grilled olive oiled bread with roasted peppers, tomato sauce and cheese, tiny pickles, olives, and a delicious Tomato Soup with croutons. All homemade, and mostly from his farm. It was a very nice evening. He even sent us home with a quart of his soup!

neighborly soup

This is what we had the next night at home, with slices of my homemade no knead bread, thanks to our kind neighbor!

In other news…

black turtle beans

I scored these free black turtle beans in exchange for about 20 minutes of harvesting help with my neighbor. He had a small patch of them that took no time to gather. We just cut the whole plants down and later my daughter and I sat at the counter and shelled them. They are beautiful. I may try growing these next year, and maybe other dried bean varieties too!

chips and salsa

She and I also made some corn chips to fill the empty snack jars with, which made for a yummy snack break.

a dozen

But the most important headline news is that the hens have got this egg laying thing down now! In a matter of three days we have a dozen. Take that shopping list! Look how you got shorter yet again. I actually went online and googled grocery lists and found some incredibly complete lists. I went through them and circled things we still need to buy and it amazed me how little there was to circle. We now have eggs regularly, eat all homemade carb type foods such as noodles, bread, crackers, chips etc., chicken in the freezer, tons of frozen fruits and vegetables, all the pickles and condiments we could want and over 300 pounds of pork to pick up on Friday for our new freezer we set up last night. We will of course be selling a lot of the pork, but it will also be our go to source for meat. Why? Because it is what we have. This Spring we will also have beef, can not wait to make Braised Short Ribs and Beef Barley Soup and Beef Jerky! Oh the changes we have made since just almost one year ago exactly. Feeling proud.

end of day

Day is done.

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