So much to be thankful for…

I’ve been a bit pulled out of my routines, but all for good reasons. We had our wonderful west coast family out for a good long visit over the Thanksgiving holiday. Celebrating a holiday with my older daughter’s family and children, and with my younger daughter who now lives in town is beyond wonderful. Our house was filled with family and laughter and more noise then this house ever has anymore, despite everyone’s efforts to shush for the sleeping baby:) It was all great! My grandson was simply blown away by the amount of snow he woke up to on his first morning here. He was all excited about sledding because 1+ inches of snow to him is a “snowstorm”!

west coast meets the north

He was pretty excited to get out there with Grandpa!

During the visit, our daughters headed south early to help their Grandmother cook for Thanksgiving, which was beyond special for all of them. Then we came down Thanksgiving Day with our contributions to the meal. I brought gravy. I make this ahead from stock – which was gifted to me by my sister this year, this was definitely a collaboration of efforts! I also brought Pumpkin Bread from our own roasted pumpkins and our own eggs and Pumpkin Pie, again from our roasted pumpkin, our eggs AND I sweetened it with the Elder Syrup we collected last February from our neighbor’s Box Elder Trees. It was delicious and got good reviews! I also brought some Rhubarb Chutney I had made last summer, it is great on poultry. The meal came together beautifully, Mama’s bird was a beauty, and so tasty, Sister’s potatoes were delicious, and she’s inspired me to to try making a pecan pie sometime, I never have and love it. Hers was yummy! It was great to be surrounded by so much family while sharing a delicious meal that came together with everyone’s efforts and love.

So now with Thanksgiving past it is time to get back to focusing on my business and the farm, getting back into the rhythm of baking and delivering my granola, as well as keeping up with home life, the chickens, and cooking. Yesterday I went and saw my favorite chicken lady, she has a wonderful store in the next town over, and she told me the value of giving the chickens scratch grain (some people call it chicken candy) during this really cold weather. She said if you give it in the late afternoon they fill their crops with it and then digest it overnight which helps to keep them warmer. Tonight the wind chill will be -10 so I was glad for her knowledge and was on my way with my sack of chicken goodies!

Today I have been moving pretty slowly, having a cold is a good time to get some things done, like wrestling with the website and taking care of emails, and contacting people who were interested in our pork. I also made chicken soup with the remnants of our chicken dinner from the other night. That has to help a cold, right?  I did get out for a little fresh air, and sorted some buckets of kindling, which is my secret weapon for a quick start fire. It was nice to get out, even with the crazy temperatures. The weekend project is getting the garage reorganized from the arrival of the pork freezer and relocating it to a permanent spot. Then I can open the boxes of pork to sort it by pieces into the freezer. There are definitely people waiting for it! So, there is always plenty to do around here, but for today it was nice to have a quiet day at home to move a little slower and to keep adding wood to the fire…

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