Farm Christmas

measurable snow

Even though it has been in the well below zero wind chills on and off for quite some time, it has only been Winter  for 4 days on the calendar. We most recently got close to 8 inches, on top of what was left from several smaller snows, but just to spice it up there was some freezing rain before it and after it. This resulted in all kinds of looks and sounds. At the farm where, I bake my granola, in a shared kitchen, the Maples were encased in clear glass-like ice, and when the wind blew through them they literally sounded like a percussion instrument.

I also saw very cool things on my “commute” to the kitchen.

on my commute 2

Bummer that these apples never got picked last fall, but they sure look amazing coated in ice!

on my commute 3

It seemed each time the road curved the scene changed. Here things were coated in layers of frost, instead of ice.

Christmas Day was wonderful. It snowed Christmas Eve and on and off all day on Christmas. We all exchanged gifts that were so wonderfully useful like, toasty warm socks, flannel shirts, gloves, hats, and slippers. We also exchanged some gifts that were local products to the area which is always fun to do.

what to do without wrapping paper

Last year after Christmas, I decided I was done with wrapping paper for a whole list of reasons, but mostly because it is an item for which the entire purpose is to rip it and throw it away. I’m done. So this year I used pillow cases. It was perfect. It was easy to clean up from and kept the surprise until the recipient pulled it out. I was thrilled and boy was “wrapping” easy!!

We ate very well too! I hope someday to raise our own turkeys but this time it was a natural, free range, turkey from the co-op. We mashed a pile of my neighbors potatoes, and made stuffing using the neighbors carrots, local onions, and a fresh egg from the coop. I cooked some of last years green beans and yellow beans from the neighbor and made cherry vanilla ice cream for dessert, using the cherry liquid from the canned giant west coast cherries my daughter shared with us. All in all a delicious and pretty local meal.

Chickens Xmas Eve

The hens also ate well on Christmas Eve. They enjoyed two bowls (no shoving this time) of yogurt and oats and some organic scratch I found for them. Happy Hens!

It was a very nice Farm Christmas.

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