…and the snow just continues!

We really do have a lot of snow on the ground. I was trying to figure out how we have this much snow when we have not had any really giant snowfalls. Then I realized that quite literally we have kept every inch that has fallen because it has been so cold since October when the snow began! So although we haven’t had any giant 2 foot snowfalls we sure do have a lot, and each time hubby plows the driveway the sides get taller and the driveway gets just a little bit more narrow. It will soon look like a Luge run if this continues. I will say that I have heard so many, many people saying that they have just had it with Winter, and that they are just so over it, but this to me, is odd to hear as we have clearly a good 2-3 months of it left. I’m just taking it one day at a time, and noting as well how really quite pretty this Winter has been!

I was downstairs checking out where we are at with frozen stores for Winter. We have way more green beans than I thought, and loads of broccoli, kale, collards, chard, morel mushrooms, squash, pumpkin, and tons of frozen tomatoes, also still plenty of rhubarb, strawberries, cherries, and peaches. We have of course plenty of pork in the deep freezer as well as 3 of our chickens left and 1 organic turkey I purchased from the coop last Thanksgiving. We sadly got our very last bag of Winter storage carrots, we had bartered for,  from our Organic Farmer neighbor and he brought over more of our potatoes of which he said we have quite a few left of in his cooler. Occasionally we get a box of our neighbors fresh micro greens, bartered of course, and it’s nice to have something green and fresh. I am anxiously waiting for our Watercress to come in by the stream, it’s usually our very first greens to eat fresh. So nice to see the color green, looking so fresh and pretty!


Unfortunately for my neighbor his green house heating system when down shortly after we got these  and he lost all his greens. He hopes to be up and running again when this major cold snap breaks. He took it like a farmer. Note the sharp contrast between this picture and the one below…

snowy fields

This picture reminds me of many I have taken of the ocean with the nice blue horizon, it almost looks like waves rolling in!

Our daughter called and asked if we wanted to join her at the tiny local bar that is located part way between her house and ours, for dinner. I already had dinner planned so I told her you picked the perfect day, and to come on over. Dinner plane? One of our chickens, with the neighbors potatoes and carrots, our squash and our broccoli. Since I had, had guests earlier that day there was even cake (thanks to the chickens for the 6 eggs that go into the giant pound cake) and strawberries for dessert!

chicken dinner


Yum! Pound cake, thanks chickens for all the eggs! Topped off with yummy strawberries shown below, it was quite a treat!


No sweetening added at all, just delicious red juicy summer sweetness.

My daughter and I love to have the little neighbors over for cookie baking, and since everyone is tiring of the frigid air and constant snow we decided to make spring colored cookies, with a farm animal theme, if you can tell under all the icing what the shapes are!


There was a lot of finger licking involved in the little ones process of frosting the cookies, so no big temptation to eat them on my part, they took all of them with them, and very happily carried them all home.

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