It’s February!

February is here, and one can’t help thinking of Spring and all it will bring in just then next couple months! It will be so welcome. I really would not be able to live somewhere that doesn’t have seasonal changes like the Midwest. It just wouldn’t seem right. After all the amazing thrill and excitement of Spring would be meaningless if it was green and sunny year around. I’m just a midwest gal I guess.

This morning it was time to tackle the coop. Deep bedding sounds like a good idea in writing but in reality it’s just too gross and smelly! The girls, of course, did their “freak out performance” on cue. See when I go in to scrape out all the old litter and add nice clean litter to the coop, they act like it’s all over! They pile on top of one another, and are sure they will die! Ahhhh yes, reminds me of the “Chicken Little” story I knew so well as a kid. Once the trauma was over and they had clean fluffy litter, filled food containers, fresh water and some yummy chicken scratch for a treat they seemed to forgive me although there was a lot of clucking and tsk tsk-ing going on when I left. Maybe that was them appreciating my hard work? Or maybe they were all saying things about me, who knows, but I am happy that the coop is all clean! The girls hopped straight into the nest boxes, hopefully to get to work for us!

Yesterday we went on what we call a cheese run. A local cheese maker near here opens his retail door at the factory only on Friday mornings. We have wanted to get there for weeks, and this was finally the week. Ahhh the 5 year cheddar, sooooo good! I also picked up some less expensive mild 1 year for shredding to put on food. It’s been a long time since I have bought those zip top shredded cheese bags at the store, but it is still nice to have the convenience of shredded cheese at home. After the cheese shop we went to the new grain mill that actually mills LOCAL GRAIN! This was like being in a candy shop! I bought oodles of flour, whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, sifted bread flour, rye flour, pancake mix for my daughter and even a small bag of their local oats to try out. It would be fantastic if I could make my granola with local oats. They are still working on refining their system there and said that they are 95% hulless on their Oats, but that they are adding one more screen and think they will soon be as hulless as possible. This would be very, very cool to be able to use local oats in my really granola as well as the local cranberries and honey that I already use! They were great folks there, and turns out we may even be able to get our organic hog feed there too, and chicken feed. Wow, how cool to be able to buy all our flour for our needs, and all our animal feeds all at the same place! Kind of General Store-ish! Then after that we went to the chicken store and picked up the organic scratch I ordered for the girls. It was an awesome field trip day!

Tomorrow it’s a trip to town with my daughter for an early movie and lunch, then home to make some buns for the “boys” (hubby and friends) to have with some of our yummy brats with for the big game. They prefer to watch in the workshop, which is ok by me, it will be a quiet afternoon in the house.

Wednesday I will be going to Florida to see my Mom and Dad, and my daughter will be joining. Should be great fun to sneak in a couple of days with them and be there to celebrate Mama’s 80th birthday?!! How is Mama 80? I guess if I am just as lucky I will someday ask myself the same question! It will be great to see them!

In order to be ready to go on Wednesday, it means that…


Monday will be a really granola baking granola day and Tuesday will be a delivery day. Work before play right? Although I have to say the work is fun, I have a pretty farm to look out at, and good podcasts to listen to, thanks to The Beginning Farmer.

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